Dear Shaul,

The passing of Amnon leaves a real and regrettable gap in Persian Studies, not only in Israel, but all around. I don’t know what arrangement has been made to replace him. I do hope that his Chair will be occupied by a worthy scholar.

Considering the wide range of Amnon’s activities and the impact that he exerted in advancing Judeo-Persian studies as well as the tremendous respect and popularity that he commended among the Jewish communities, I think it would be a pity to allow his legacy to be neglected and disappear. To establish a center in his name in Israel or at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he both studied and taught with distinction, in order to further Judeo-Persian Studies and the study of Persian language, history and culture, would be an excellent project. Although it is not for me to say, but I believe that given the present international situation and the prevailing political atmosphere in the Middle East, Israel can hardly relax its efforts to train students in Persian studies. A Center in Amnon’s name would serve both purposes: to provide strong incentive for Persian Studies and to recognize Amnon’s life-long services to this field and the elucidation of the history and literature of the Jewish communities of Iranian lands. I doubt that raising the necessary funds for such a Center would be a problem.

Please remember me to Miriam,

With best wishes,


July 21, 2008
Dear Shaul,

I am writing you to make a special request from you regarding the late Professor Amnon Netzer’s library and academic output. His work has been such an important dimension in Iranian Studies and includes pioneering studies on multiple aspects of Judeo-Persian literature and on the culture and history of Iranian Jews. I hope the university will be able to find ways of keeping the integrity of his collection.

As I indicated in my brief talk in his memorial held here in Los Angeles, Amnon was a very special scholar and a highly regarded human. His output will shape research parameters in an area of Iranian Studies that will impact our view of history in a positive way.

Please do not hesitate to inform me if there is anything I can do regarding keeping Amnon’s legacy alive.

Best regards,


Dear Hossein,

Many thanks for your very nice letter. I am quite sure that it will make an impact, and shall try to keep you informed of any developments over here.

With all good wishes, shaul